Apple Watch Series 3 Now with Cellular

Apple Watch Series 3, Image/Apple

Apple Watch Series 3, Image/Apple

Without the assistance of a phone, the Apple Watch Series 3 with cellular, can make and answer a phone call or text, have Siri send a message or help you listen to your favorite songs, over 40 million with Apple Watch.

Available on the Apple Watch Series 3, the informative Siri can assist with helpful tasks such as setting a reminder, sending a calendar invitation or giving directions. App integration via syncing, allows you to receive alerts.

The Apple Watch Series 3 streamlines working out with a GPS and Altimeter, waterproof construction and a workout app making the watch, the “ultimate sports watch.”

Healthy living is enhanced by several health focused apps on the Apple Watch Series 3. This includes goal setting, smart coaching, activity sharing with others and achievement motivation. A heart rate app, breathe app, third-party health apps and an iPhone health app are included or available with the watch.

The Apple Watch Series 3 model type and bands are fully customized, with the bands available in assorted styles and colors. Indeed the watch emanates “there’s an Apple Watch for everyone.”

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