Efficient Computer Reveals World’s Most Energy-Efficient General-Purpose Computer Chip


Efficient Computer has developed a new computer processor up to 100x more energy efficient than leading general-purpose CPUs currently available today. The processor introduces a new era of general-purpose edge computing literally a quantum leap in device capabilities and battery lifetime, with innovations extending to devices and applications across the Internet of Things, wearable and implantable health devices, space systems, and security and defense.
The new processor reduces CPU energy consumption and redefines where device location, capabilities and scale of their deployment:

We are removing the energy barrier from computing at the edge, while giving developers the freedom and flexibility to quickly build devices and applications at scale. Efficient hardware and software will significantly reduce energy consumption for computing, creating entirely new categories of use cases.

The Efficient processor architecture includes three key benefits when compared to other processors:

  • Longer lifetime and expanded capabilities: Efficient’s Fabric makes computing orders-of-magnitude more efficient, which prolongs battery life and increases the computing capabilities of a device.
  • Developer friendly and future-proof: As a fully general-purpose programmable processor that supports mainstream, high-level programming languages, Efficient offers versatility across application domains and a seamless developer experience
  • Computing at the edge: The Efficient processor avoids expensive off-device communication to the cloud, allowing for more efficient on-device computing solutions and enabling more computing capabilities at the edge

Because processing locally creates a demand for more efficient on-device computing solutions. Therefore energy can be saved by avoiding expensive off-device communication to the cloud. Today’s general-purpose processors spend too processing power on inessential internal data movement and instruction control overheads. This, along with scaling performance, complex, power-hungry optimizations that increase energy consumption further with complex, power-hungry optimizations. The inefficient design strains the battery, limiting a device’s capability and requiring frequent battery recharges or replacements.

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Efficient’s processor novel Fabric architecture reduces the extreme energy overheads of current general-purpose computer architectures:

Efficient’s new architecture enables dramatically more energy-efficient chips, bringing computing capabilities to use cases that were previously impossible due to the limited energy availability. For example, a smartwatch or health wearable could go weeks between charges and support more sophisticated sensor data analytics, or a remote-sensing satellite could provide high-fidelity data insights using the limited energy of a nanosatellite’s small battery.