SONY’s Amazing Professional Drone the Airpeak S1

SONY's Professional Drone the Airpeak S1, Image/SONY

SONY’s Professional Drone the Airpeak S1, Image/SONY

Although introduced at CES2021, the Sony Electronics Inc. Airpeak S1 has recently become available for purchase. The SONY Airpeak S1 is the company’s first-ever professional drone and also the world‘s smallest drone that can carry a full frame Alpha series mirrorless camera:

“The introductory model in the new Airpeak line, the S1 is the world’s smallest drone that can be equipped with a full-size mirrorless interchangeable-lens Alpha camera, opening up a new world of creative possibilities for cinematographers and other visual storytelling professionals.”

Airpeak S1 drone is definitely geared for professional users. The Airpeak S1 can accomodate a wide range of Sony’s camera bodies including the Alpha 1, Alpha 7S series, the Alpha 7R series, the Alpha 9 series, FX3 and others. The Airpeak S1 produces high-quality aerial images and video content using proprietary technology that enables smooth maneuverability at high speeds with highly stable wind resistance:

“The drone includes “Airpeak Flight” iOS-based application which integrates and monitors all hardware related to the drone, giving the operator real-time status display and updates on screen. “Airpeak Base” web application is also available, allowing the operator to manage the equipment, create advanced flight plans, run the same pattern repeatedly, and fully manage and troubleshoot flight logs.

For multiple operators, Airpeak S1 also includes a dual operation mode so one user can operate the drone as another operates the gimbal and camera, while each can monitor the content being recorded. An optional cloud service, “Airpeak Plus” is available by paid subscription and provides additional data storage, advanced geofencing options, and import/export of flight logs.”

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Since the Airpeak S1 is a professional drone, the suggested retail price is about $9,000.00. Included with the Airpeak S1 purchase are two pairs of propellers, a remote controller, two batteries and a battery charger. Sold separately, a third-party gimbal, Gremsy gimbal “T3 for Airpeak”, which is designed for for Airpeak S1, is also available. Information about Airpeak S1 accessories can be found at The optional “Airpeak Plus” subscription service will cost $300.00 for a year and an optional “Protect Plan” coverage will also be available.

Product highlights

  • World‘s smallest drone that can carry a full frame Alpha series mirrorless camera
  • Max speed of 55.9mph (25m/s), maximum angular velocity of 180°/s and attitude angle up to 55°
  • Sony developed propulsion device and flight control system
  • Flight time up to 22 minutes without a payload.
  • Stable in winds up to 44.7 mph (20m/s)
  • Retractable landing gear for unobstructed camera field of view
  • Detachable propellers for fast easy replacement and transport
  • Sony developed stereo cameras and vision sensing processor with original algorithm for real time 3D spatial awareness
  • Achieves stable flight in enclosed spaces or when out of range of Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS)
  • Equipped with obstacle braking function by multi-directional sensing
  • RCR-VH1 remote controller operates the aircraft, gimbal, and camera while providing real-time image output.
  • Use with “Airpeak Flight” mobile app to control, monitor and manage the aircraft, remote controller, camera, and gimbal in-flight.
  • Dual Operation Mode for independent control of Aircraft and Gimbal/Camera.
  • Equipped with flexible flight modes to make flying and creating even easier
  • “Airpeak Base” web app for integrated management of flight plans, flight logs, and equipment