SONY's Professional Drone the Airpeak S1, Image/SONY

SONY’s Amazing Professional Drone the Airpeak S1

SONY’s Professional Drone the Airpeak S1, Image/SONY Although introduced at CES2021, the Sony Electronics Inc. Airpeak S1 has recently become available for purchase. The SONY Airpeak S1 is the company’s first-ever professional drone and also the world‘s smallest drone that can carry a full frame Alpha series mirrorless camera: “The introductory model in the new Airpeak line, the…

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Sony Alpha 1, Image/Sony

The Sony Alpha 1 Mega Camera

Sony Alpha 1, Image/Sony The Sony Alpha 1 Camera has been described by Sony as the following: “The most technologically advanced, innovative camera that Sony has ever released, the Alpha 1 combines high-resolution and high-speed performance at a level that has never been accomplished in the world of digital cameras.” Among the Sony Alpha 1’s advanced features include, Unprecedented…

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