BOSE Frames Audio Sunglasses Bring Immersive Audio into Your Personal World

BOSE Frames Audio Sunglasses, Image/BOSE

BOSE Frames Audio Sunglasses, Image/BOSE

Described as sunglasses with a soundtrack, the BOSE Frames Audio Sunglasses include built-in Bose speakers, miniaturized Bose electronics stealthily hidden in the sides for an “immersive audio experience unlike any other.” The BOSE audio sunglasses include Bose AR technology, first-of-its-kind audio augmented reality platform which connects the digital world with the physical world simultaneously to create outstanding audio experiences not experienced before.

The main function of the BOSE sunglasses is to “hear rich, immersive sound, while others hear practically nothing. Exclusive technologies and custom speakers direct sound at you and away from others.”

The BOSE audio sunglasses come in two styles, the Alto with a classic angular look with a larger fit and Rondo, distinct rounded lenses with a smaller fit. The sunglasses consist of ultramodern materials with metal hinges, nylon rims and unscratchable and shatterproof lenses- not to mention their comfort and durability.

Bose sunglasses can be purchased online or at a BOSE store. Either way if you try them out for 30 days are not fully satified with your purchase, you can send back for a refund.

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