Skip the Passwords with Secret Double Octopus

Skip the Passwords with Secret Double Octopus

“It only takes one password to make you vulnerable.” This quote comes from Secret Double Octopus. Secret Double Octopus is a company specializing in high assurance password-free authentication. Secret Double Octopus offers strong authentication solutions for Financial Services, Education, Government, Health Care, Legal and Retail.

Secret Double Octopus uses password-free authentication with access to all applications, legacy and cloud, high frequency auto rotation for Active Directory passwords and Multi-factor authentication using quantum-safe algorithms. A diagram is also displayed to indicate the different safety and tools comparing other authentication methods including Secret Double Octopus.

Secret Double Octopus offers the following authentication services or tools: Active Directory Authentication, Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), Password Free SSO, Self-service Enroller, Transaction Approval and SDK

To further the research for a password-free authentication solution, an associated password-free white paper, “Solution Overview High-assurance, Password-free Authenticator”, is available for further examination.

Two other whitepapers are also available from Secret Double Octopus, “Passwords are a Vulnerability so What’s Next for Authentication?” and “Whitepaper: How to Choose an MFA Method?”

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