Samsung’s Galaxy S10 Line Smartphones Feature Extraordinary Camera Specs

Samsung s10 camera, Image/Samsung

Samsung s10 camera, Image/Samsung

The Samsung S10 smartphone line introduces new camera technology and advanced intelligence to capture fantastic images and videos. Super Speed Dual Pixel and Dual Aperture technologies effectively rounds out the Galaxy S10’s features. The Galaxy S10 and S10+ have three rear cameras whereas the Galaxy S10e has two rear cameras. All Galaxy S10 cameras have one camera in the front for selfies and the S10+ has a RGB depth lens for bokeh effects

What is significant for the Galaxy S10 line is the 16MP Ultra Wide lens which replicates the human eye filed of view- at 123 degrees. The camera is useful for taking spectacular landscape and panorama shots. Another vital feature of the Galaxy S10 camera is the 12MP Wide-angle, Dual Aperture, Super Speed Dual Pixel lens. With a f/1.5-aperture lens with an f/2.4, the Galaxy S10 automatically adjusts to light similar to the way human eyes work, day or night.

The Galaxy S10 and S10+ are equipped with a 12MP telephoto lens with two times optical zoom and ten times digital zoom- necessary for getting those close-up images. All Galaxy S10 models come with a 10MP UHD Dual Pixel front-facing camera, perfect for taking high-quality selfies. The Galaxy S10+ has unique exclusive features including improved megapixels and super-fast autofocus,2 and an RGB depth lens for enhanced quality of bokeh effects.

Behind all this camera finesse is the Galaxy S10 next-generation Neural Processing Unit (NPU). The Scene Optimizer has been enhanced by recognizes up to 30 different types of scenes and more. the feature optimizes the color, saturation, white balance and contrast to ensure true to life photo taking.

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Another significant feature is the Shot Suggestion feature which analyzes a database of over 100 million pictures and suggests the best proportions, positioning and overall composition for picture taking. The Live Focus feature includes artistic effects. The Galaxy S10+ dual front cameras are used to add new spin bokeh, zoom bokeh, and color point effects. The Galaxy S10 and S10e’s front-facing camera uses NPU’s intelligence.

The Galaxy S10 video capabilities include the “first of its kind”, Super Steady video-recording feature which offers three times better video stabilization than other brands using anti-shake stabilization technology (VDIS). Both front and rear cameras are capable of recording pro-grade UHD footage. The rear camera can capture video in stunning HDR10+- another smartphone first.