Six Video Streaming Apps Recommended for Android Foldable Phones and Tablets

six video streaming apps android

Android, in the Keyword, recently described six video streaming apps that are optimized for your Android foldable phone or tablet. Since Android tablets and foldable phones offer a bigger screen size, streaming videos on these devices only makes sense.

  1. YouTube
    YouTube content is easily viewed via tabletop mode on foldable phones- no longer necessary constantly to hold up a phone while watching videos.
  2. Amazon Prime Video
    Prime Video’s updated layout on large screens gives foldable phones more multitasking possibilities. Watch and preview details for TV shows and movies with a picture-in-picture experience and enhanced split-screen mode support.
  3. Google TV
    Google TV has updated its layout on large screens. The Google TV app includes a new widget available on tablets sharing top entertainment picks and personalized recommendations visible on the tablet’s home screen.
  4. BBC iPlayer
    BBC iPlayer layouts include a larger screen size. The home screen uses a drill down selection where video details are shown on the upper screen and a row of other titles to browse on the bottom half. An immersive mode for a full viewing experience is presented when playing videos.
  5. U-NEXT
    U-NEXT, one of the largest domestic streaming and digital content services in Japan has adapted to larger screens. It has replaced its horizontal navigation bar with a vertical navigation bar, for easier menu buttons navigation on large screens.
  6. ZEE5
    ZEE5, an online video streaming platform in India, can resize to fit any Android screen size.
    A multi-column layout on tablets, trending shows and show details can be viewed on the same screen. ZEE5 videos can be viewed in tabletop mode and multitask split-screen mode.
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All six video streaming apps can be found on Google Play.