With Click and Grow, Gardening is Easier than Ever

Smart Garden 9, Image/Click and Grow

Smart Garden 9, Image/Click and Grow

With just three easy steps, Click and Grow makes growing vegetables and flowers as easy as brewing your cup of coffee in the morning. You can literally “grow plants with zero effort right on your counter top.” You simply add biodegradable plant capsules, water and then plug it in and enjoy watching your plants grow

Using Smart Soil, a NASA related technology, plants can germinate and grow to maturity with incredible success:

“It makes sure plants have perfect ph-level and get the optimal configuration of water, oxygen, and nutrients.”

Click and Grow has 45 varieties of herbs (for tips on herb gardening, read the useful article,  “How to Start an Herb Garden“), flowers, leafy greens and more for your indoor gardening experience. Some of the varieties include mini tomato, wild strawberry, rosemary, peppermint and lavender.

The Experimental Plant Capsule allows you to even experiment growing your own seeds. Subscribe to plants with a convenient Plant Pod Subscription. Save time and money with “free shipping on all subscription deliveries + a discount on the base price.” You can cancel the subscription anytime.

There are two smart gardens to choose from, the Smart Garden 3 ($99.95) and Smart Garden 9 ($199.95). Both use special LED grow lights and employ an ultimate set-it-and-forget-it garden system. Click and Grow gift cards ranging from 25-200 dollars (USD) are also available for gift giving for that special someone. For those wanting an even bigger indoor garden, the Wall Farm and Mini Wall farm are available for $2,900.00 and $1,900.00, respectively. 

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