Introducing LiFi, Stable and Fast Broadband Through Light Waves

Unlike WiFi, LiFi or Light Fidelity uses a “broader spectrum of light waves to transmit and receive data wirelessly.” With Signify LiFi-enabled luminaires, light and fast (30 Mb per second) two-way broadband connection are simultaneously possible. Instead of encountering WiFi problems such as radio spectrum congestion, LiFi literally shines where WiFi overloaded devices fail:

“Light Fidelity or LiFi gives you a stable and fast broadband data connection through light waves.”

LiFi can be used in banks, schools, government, healthcare and industry or othe situations where WiFi is poor or unavailable.” LiFi is secure and protects data privacy-after all lght is unable to penetrate walls like WiFi. It is also useful for areas sensitive to radio frequencies (e.g. hospitals, clinics, factories, schools).

LiFi is “1,000 times the size of the radio spectrum (used by WiFi) so it’s able to connect many smart devices and multiple users.” It can accommodate 15 users within each coverage beam.

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