Create Edible Masterpieces with Foodini, a 3d Food Printer by Natural Machines

Foodini 3d printer, Image/Natural Machines

Foodini 3d printer, Image/Natural Machines

Foodini by Natural Machines is an exciting kitchen appliance that is a 3d food printer. Foodini unites technology, food, art and design. Fresh ingredients are the main ingredient, producing “real food”, most looking like works of art that would otherwise be a hassle to make and normally hamper people from creating homemade food. The company is even predicting that 3d food printers will be the norm in kitchens in 10-15 years.

The advantages of making food via the Foodini is the reduction of food waste, “eat less processed food and actually know what you’re eating.” Foodini transforms food into “fresh, delicious and fancy.”

Chefs also are interested in the concept of 3d food printing appliances like Foodini, achieving food presentations not normally possible by hand and automation alone.

Foodini making chocolate maze, Image/Natural Machines

Foodini making chocolate maze, Image/Natural Machines

Foodini has received accolades from many press notables. For example, Engadget recently chose Foodini as “one of six technologies changing the future of food.” Another news outlet, CNN, deemed Foodini as 1 of only 7 ‘tech superheros’ to watch. More good reasons to check out this interesting food/tech invention at Foodini’s website. 

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