More than a Doorbell, Ring is a 24/7 Virtual Sentinel

Ring Video Doorbell, Image/Ring

Ring Video Doorbell, Image/Ring

Available in four different products, the Ring video doorbell unites a doorbell with video. The four products available are the Video Doorbell $179 Video Doorbell 2 $199, Video Doorbell Pro $249, and Video Doorbell Elite $499.

The Ring doorbell is equipped with a wide-angle lens, a speaker and a microphone. With Ring you can monitor your front door and property from a¬†smartphone, tablet or PC and can “see, hear and speak to anyone on your property from anywhere.”

Ring motion sensors detect activity on your property. An alert is sent to you immediately if activity is detected. Analysis of Ring’s devices and video content is displayed on a simple dashboard in Ring’s app. Another benefit is Neighborhoods Beta where you can share Ring’s videos of interest with neighbors.

In addition to the Ring video doorbell, Ring offers extra security cameras (which can be placed around your property), accessories (solar chargers, solar panels, battery packs, chimes, security signs, etc.) and a full fledged security system.

* Amazon recently acquired Ring in a $1 billion deal according to Reuters news.

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