Prepare for Spring with the iRobot Terra Robot Mower

iRobot Terra Robot Mower, Image/iRobot

iRobot Terra Robot Mower, Image/iRobot

Recently revealed by iRobot, a company known for its vacuuming and mopping robot cleaners, the Terra Robot Mower is “cutting-edge navigation technology with Imprint Smart Mapping and a unique wireless beacon system.”

iRobot’s Imprint Smart Mapping technology allows the Terra Robot Mower to mow similar to the way people do, maneuvering itself to mow a lawn in “straight, back-and-forth lines.” If its battery runs low then the robot will return to its charging station to recharge enough to complete the mowing job.

An added bonus to using the Terra Robot Mower is no expensive and labor-intensive boundary wires. Terra combines Imprint Smart Mapping technology and a recently developed wireless communications systems.

Simply drive the robot mower around the yard perimeter where wireless beacons have been placed once. Now you can effortlessly schedule Terra to mow the lawn. The Terra is tough and can handle inclement weather and navigate difficult outdoor terrain.

Yet another perk is the availability of the iRobot HOME App. The app has features such as mowing height and time schedules. 

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