LifeLock Senior Offers Identity Protection for Aging Parents

LifeLock Senior Offers Identity Protection for Aging Parents

LifeLock, a Symantec company a leader in proactive identity theft protection services recently announced the identity protection product, LifeLock Senior for individuals ages 55 and over. The service is available for adult children to help protect their senior parents from identity theft. Essentially “built with easy-to-set-up permissions, LifeLock Senior allows both the senior member and their adult child the ability to receive potential identity threat alerts” for $19.99 per month per parent.

The LifeLock Senior is especially useful for seniors since they are more susceptible to identity theft because they

“may be more trusting, and digitally less experienced,” according to Dev Patel, Senior Vice President of Products and Technology at LifeLock. Another salient fact is that persons 50 and older “made up 40 percent of all identity theft complaints in 2016.”

One of the monitoring activities of LifeLock Senior is the ability of adult children to access senior parents’ banking activity with their permission and “they can actively monitor potential identity threats.” More product features include LifeLock Identity AlertSystem, Family Member Permissions, Home Title Monitoring, Million Dollar Protection Package, Dark Web Monitoring, Investment Account Activity Alerts and 24/7 Live Member Support.

Update: In 2019 Lifelock was acquired by Symantec Corp. and was renamed to NortonLifeLock.

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