Sequent, the World’s First Self-Charging Smart Watch

Sequent, the World's First Self-Charging Smart Watch, Image/Sequent

Sequent, the World’s First Self-Charging Smart Watch, Image/Sequent

Described as “the world’s first, truly autonomous smart watch,” the Sequent Smart Watch uses a self-sustaining system that generates electrical energy with your own movement:

“As you move, your watch charges, meaning the end of external charging.” With revolutionary technology, the Sequent watch combines gravity and human movement “to generate an infinite source of energy straight from your wrist.”

The Sequent is not only powered by a kinetic self-charging battery, but is also designed with you in mind “only showing the right information and keeping our watch faces clean, uncluttered, and beautiful.” An ergonomic design is melded with swiss watch design and cutting edge technology. The Sequent is where “innovation” indeed “meets luxury design.”

Another characteristic of the Sequent smart watch is it is also a biofeedback health and sport app:

“We’ve teamed up with leading health and sport therapists to develop a platform that provides professional-grade feedback.”

Among the features of the app are Biofeedback indication, heart rate sensor, step counting and accelerometer.

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