Drones Help Detect Tornados Earlier

Drones Help Detect Tornados Earlier

Tornado prediction is fairly good at ground level and high altitude, yet in between these two segments 2-3 kilometres above ground or the lower atmosphere exists an area that drones or unmanned aerial vehicles containing meteorological equipment, could be especially helpful in gathering “data on the exact conditions in the build-up to severe weather.”

As Dr. Kelvin Droegemeier Secretary Of Science and Technology State of Oklahoma recently stated concerning the drone approach to severe weather prediction:

“One of the things we want to do is take it out in the pre-thunderstorm environment, prior to storms forming, to capture the antecedent conditions before the storm forms.”

The sheer number of drones detecting available data is another severe weather prediction advantage: “So the more observations we can get, the better observations we can get; the more accurate will be the forecast…” Instead of a tornado warning around fourteen minutes, a more life-saving time span of one hour will be more likely.

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