HP Introduces First Built-In Privacy Screen

HP Introduces First Built-In Privacy Screen

With the push of a button, the owners of HP EliteBook 1040 and HP EliteBook 840 can now activate HP Sure View technology (with 3M optical films technology ):

“Users simply press the f2 key to immediately transition the PC to privacy mode, which reduces up to 95 percent of visible light when viewed at an angle, making it difficult for others to view information on the screen.”

With the rise of the mobile user, visual hacking has become more of a problem. Visual hacking is the process where “confidential information can be more easily hacked from a user’s screen,” especially in public spaces. It has been concluded that with visual hacking, 9 out 10 hacking efforts were successful. This can be of great importance since 60 percent of workers actually work outside of the workplace.

With increased privacy, HP’s SureView technology gives “companies a new layer of data protection that can be easily deployed by employees, allowing them to work confidently in more places, thus increasing their productivity and efficiency.” 

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