World’s First Completely Autonomous, AI-Powered Restaurant Opens in Southern California

flippy 2 arm and gripper

World’s First Completely Autonomous, AI-Powered Restaurant, Image/Miso Robotics

Cali Group, a company which uses technology to transform the restaurant and retail industries, Miso Robotics, creator of Flippy (the world’s first AI-powered robotic fry station), and PopID, a technology company streamlining ordering and payments using biometrics, recently revealed they are opening this month CaliExpress by Flippy, the world’s first fully autonomous restaurant located in Pasadena, California:

Utilizing the most advanced systems in food technology, both grill and fry stations are fully automated, powered by proprietary leading-edge artificial intelligence and robotics. Guests will watch their food being cooked robotically after checking in with their PopID accounts on self-ordering kiosks to get personalized order recommendations and make easy and fast payments.

Flippy: Can it fit?

Customers will benefit from technologies by equipping CaliExpress by Flippy to deliver high quality, freshly made wagyu blend burgers at prices competitive with traditional burger price points. After the order is placed, the high quality beef is ground immediately by the grill robot “resulting in a burger patty that melts in the mouth.” After this happens, Flippy, the famous robotic fry station, will produce “crispy, hot fries made from top grade potatoes that are always cooked to exact times.”

Workers at CaliExpress by Flippy, will experience a safer, easier, and friendlier kitchen. When manning the fry station, Flippy “represents revolutionary breakthroughs in safety as slippage and burns can be nearly eliminated, as well as in waste reduction in both food and oil.” The CaliExpress by Flippy kitchen can be run by a small crew, “in a less stressful environment, than competing restaurants — while also providing above average wages.”

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