NVIDIA DGX Cloud Now Broadly Available



NVIDIA DGX Cloud is now available to customers, with thousands of NVIDIA GPUs online on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and NVIDIA infrastructure located in the U.S. and U.K. NVIDIA DGX Cloud:

This simple approach to AI supercomputing removes the complexity of acquiring, deploying and managing on-premises infrastructure. Providing NVIDIA DGX AI supercomputing paired with NVIDIA AI Enterprise software, DGX Cloud makes it possible for businesses everywhere to access their own AI supercomputer using a web browser.

In March, NVIDIA DGX Cloud was revealed at NVIDIA’s GTC conference:

DGX Cloud is an AI supercomputing service that gives enterprises immediate access to the infrastructure and software needed to train advanced models for generative AI and other groundbreaking applications.

Generative AI has can be employed by various industries to help achieve goals faster:

Healthcare companies use DGX Cloud to generate protein models to speed drug discovery and clinical reporting with natural language processing.

Financial service providers use DGX Cloud to forecast trends, optimize portfolios, build recommender systems and develop intelligent generative AI chatbots.

Insurance companies are building models to automate claims processing.

Software companies are using it to develop AI-powered features and applications.

DGX Cloud provides dedicated infrastructure enterprises rented on a monthly basis. DGX Cloud Customers can easily develop large, multi-node training workloads without the wait time often associated with AI supercomputing resources:

Each instance of DGX Cloud features eight NVIDIA 80GB Tensor Core GPUs for 640GB of GPU memory per node. A high-performance, low-latency fabric ensures workloads can scale across clusters of interconnected systems, allowing multiple instances to act as one massive GPU. High-performance storage is integrated into DGX Cloud to provide a complete solution.

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