Interop 2022 Seeks to Improve Web Technology Standards

Interop 2022 Seeks to Improve Web Technology Standards

With the advent of the internet, one problem that has persisted is a lack of browser interoperability:

“From the very beginning, the web was always intended to work in any browser, on any computer. This is possible through interoperability — when each underlying web technology is implemented in the same way in every browser. To reach interoperability, it takes a commitment from all browser engineers to implement web technology according to web standards — the incredibly detailed specifications where new technology is defined.”

This year, in a project called Interop 2022, Apple, Bocoup, Google, Igalia, Microsoft, and Mozilla have united to commit to improve interoperability in 15 key points that will help provide a positive web developer experience:

“At its root, Interop 2022 is an evolving metric generated from a set of automated tests that aims to evaluate support for certain web standards that are most important for web developers. The Interop 2022 dashboard will constantly update throughout the year, showing progress as browser engineers fix bugs, implement new features, and improve the tests.”

Focus areas for web interoperability

There are ten new focus subjects for 2022 a list of what web designers & developers want and need the most:

Cascade Layers

Color Spaces and Functions


Dialog Element

Form Fixes



Typography and Encodings

Viewport Units

Web Compat

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