Sustainable PC Design is Here, Concept Luna

Concept Luna, Image/YouTube/Dell Technologies

Concept Luna, Image/YouTube/Dell Technologies

This article could also be described as “how [PC] design can accelerate reuse of products and materials, reducing waste and emissions for the future.” Dell Technologies Concept Luna is PC design described as this:

“A proof-of-concept developed in collaboration with Intel, Concept Luna explores revolutionary design ideas to make components immediately accessible, replaceable and reusable—reducing resource use and keeping even more circular materials in the economy. It was created to test what could be possible, not to be manufactured and sold.”

One important Concept Luna aspect is a reduced product carbon footprint in the form of increased energy efficiency, delivering better power and cooling and experimenting with materials that have a smaller carbon footprint.

Another aspect is a future concept of reuse, repair and recreating:

“We need to move from use, then recycle – to use, reuse multiple times and then recycle when the material is no longer usable in its original form. This iteration of Concept Luna does just that. It shows a vision for what could be.”

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