Zoom Tips for Managing Remote Teams

Zoom Tips for Managing Remote Teams

Zoom, the popular video conferencing tool, has recommended several tips to be successfully productive in managing a remote Zoom team:

1. Solidify team logistics: First, consider what equipment and devices your team needs to work remotely. Many employees just need a laptop and a webcam and a good working internet connection.

*Make sure employees have a significant understanding of how to Zoom and use related apps. Encourage them to attend online trainings and/or ask questions if they need assistance.

*Remind your team of the tools they have available to them during this time, and reinforce how they can be used to accomplish goals.

*Schedule quick syncs in weekly meetings, congratulate achievements over chat, and more.

2. Be available & schedule check-in time: When teams transition to remote work, it is easy for projects and initiatives to get lost in the mix. It’s important to maintain your team’s feeling of togetherness while ensuring that projects stay on track

3. Lead by example: Video improves trust, engagement and productivity. Tone, facial expressions, and body language communicate as much as your words do. So, be sure to lead by example by turning your camera on.

4. Keep things clear: Transparency is pivotal when leading a team remotely. If any members are confused about strategy, deliverables, or priorities, the entire initiative is diminished. Build trust and confidence with your team with honest communication so your team members feel secure while working remotely.

5. Add moments of fun: Don’t forget to consider self-care strategies in your team syncs, such as getting outdoors for breaks, staying hydrated, and scheduling calls just to connect with others.

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