Toyota Perfects Packaged Fuel Cell System Module for Hydrogen Utilization

Toyota Packaged Fuel Cell System Module, Image/Toyota

Toyota Packaged Fuel Cell System Module, Image/Toyota

Starting in the spring of 2021 or later, Toyota Motor Corporation will begin selling a product that packages a fuel cell (FC) system into a compact module- making it easily adaptable to a variety of products:

“The new module will be easily utilized by companies that are developing and manufacturing FC products for wide variety of applications, including mobility such as trucks, buses, trains and ships, as well as stationary generators (referred to hereafter as “FC product companies”).”

The demand for hydrogen and FC technologies has burgeoned due to various policies for utilizing hydrogen globally. Therefore the need for this type of technology is paramount. With plans for a carbon neutral city in the future, called ENEOS and started by Toyota, hydrogen powered vehicles will play an even larger role: ENEOS and Toyota Come Together to Make Woven City the Most Hydrogen-Based Society.

The new module is available in four models―a vertical type (Type I) and a horizontal type (Type II), with rated output of either 60 kW or 80 kW.

The module features three vital aspects describing its amazing attributes:

1. Highly versatile product lineup and high installability

2. Excellent safety/reliability and support structure for peace of mind during use

3. Excellent basic performance (high output and economical efficiency)

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