Keyble Streamlines Life’s Activities

Keyble Wearable, Image/Keyble

Keyble Wearable, Image/Keyble

What is Keyble? Keyble is a little smart module or wearable inserted in bracelets, watch straps and keyfobs. The Keyble smart key is protected by your fingerprint and allows for payments, loyalty cards, password, smart key, and digital identity: “Thanks to the fingerprint sensor only you will access the features of your Keyble smart module.”

Keyble’s security features are definitely a plus. Keyble’s tamper proof security chip controls sensitive data that can only be accessed by you. Keyble can be enabled through Flywallet:

“The Flywallet platform is a unique ecosystem, connects all the services that you use in everyday life. Every services can be enabled through Keyble or the Flywallet app in a simple and secure way with your fingerprint.”

What is Keyble mainly used for? Keyble’s uses are manifold and can be used as payment cards, public transport ticketing, password & login, loyalty cards, badges, home keys, car keys and digital identity, SPID and eSignature.

Keyble also intergrates smart health features such as vital sign monitoring, health rate, motion sensors and voice commands.

A Keyble app is available in the App Store and Google Play to help configure the your cards, keys and services with a smartphone. A waiting list is reserved to a limited number of people to purchase Keyble.

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