Smartflower Beautifies Solar Power

Smartflower Solar, Image/Smartflower

Smartflower Solar, Image/Smartflower

Available for both commercial and residential consumers, the solar powered Smartflower reinvents previous solar notions:

“Smartflower is the world’s only solar solution to use an all-in-one, sculptural design and intelligent solution to produce clean, sustainable energy for your home, car, or business.”

Hailed as “the smartest solar solution ever made,” Smartflower also defines instant energy, intelligent energy and inspired energy proving that solar can not only be functional but beautiful.

Smartflower fold up mode, Image/Smartflower

Smartflower fold up mode, Image/Smartflower

Smartflower actually follows the sun and is therefore more efficient than traditional solar devices:

“SmartFlower uses advanced robotics and automation to intelligently track the sun, making up to 40% more energy than traditional stationary solar panels. In addition, every day at sunset, Smartflower will automatically fold up and clean itself to maintain peak solar utilization.”

Smartflower installation happens in just hours. Smartflower is delivered, installed, and connected to your home and provides clean energy via one simple, stand-alone device.

Still not impressed by Smartflower, then view this comparison between Smartflower and traditional solar rooftop systems.

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