The Intel Core Processor with Foveros Technology, Built for Small Spaces

Intel Core Processor, Lakefield, Image/Intel

Intel Core Processor, Lakefield, Image/Intel

Designed for for thin-and-light form factor PCs, Intel’s “Lakefield,” the Intel Core Processor with Intel hybrid technology is a fingernail-size Intel chip with Foveros Technology. Foveros Technology is particularly useful for dual-screen and foldable screen PC categories:

“[The] processors are built in a totally new way: not with the various IPs spread out flat in two dimensions, but with them stacked in three dimensions. Think of a chip designed as a layer cake (a 1-millimeter-thick layer cake) versus a chip with a more-traditional pancake-like design.

Intel’s Foveros advanced packaging technology allows Intel to “mix and match” technology IP blocks with various memory and I/O elements – all in a small physical package for significantly reduced board size.”

Intel’s Lakefield processor with Foveros 3D-stacking technology is so unique and revolutionary it recently won the distinction by the Linley Group as “Best Technology” in its 2019 Analysts’ Choice Awards.

The space-saving design is especially useful in today’s slimmed down PCs. Intel’s Lakefield processor currently powers the Microsoft’s Surface Neo, a dual-screen device, Samsung’s Galaxy Book S and Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Fold- actually this device will be available midyear.

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