The Seagate One Touch SSD Credit Card Size Portable Storage

Seagate One Touch SSD, Image/Seagate

Seagate One Touch SSD, Image/Seagate

Although the Seagate One Touch External SSD is about the same size as a credit card, data storage capacity is not, with up to 1TB data storage capacity. For office and home use, the Seagate One Touch SSD and the the Seagate One Touch SSD Special Edition offers a “personalized, on-the-go solution that lets you seamlessly scroll, edit, organize, and directly stream a huge collection of stored photos and videos.”

The One Touch SSD comes in chic, white or black woven fabric whereas the the One Touch SSD Special Edition comes in red, blue, green or white/gray Camo print designed for managing files in an urban jungle.

The One Touch SSD has a storage capacity of 500GB ($84.99 MSRP) and 1TB ($164.99 MSRP) and the special edition model having a storage capacity of 500GB ($85.99 MSRP). The One Touch SSD includes a USB 3.0 drive “offering continuous backup while plugged in—making file protection effortless whether you’re on the go or at home.” a 20 cm USB 3.0 cable is also included in the package.

The One Touch SSD is particularly useful not only for storing but also transfering photos and videos. Transfering high-res photos and streaming videos directly from your SSD drive to your desktop or laptop is easily accomplished with SSD-accelerated speeds of up to 400MB/s.

The One Touch SSD includes a one-year Mylio Create plan:

“An intuitive yet powerful app that helps you organize photos and create a life calendar of your memories, all while having the freedom to protect, edit, share, and sync them across multiple devices.”

Another plus is a two-month Adobe Creative Cloud Photography plan to “easily edit, organize, store, and share your full-resolution photos from anywhere.”

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