PWA Builder Helps You Build a PWA

PWA Builder Helps You Build a PWA

PWA Builder is a community guided, open source project developed to increase PWA usage. Enter a domain name and it will be analyzed for PWA compliance. PWA components, manifest, service worker and security are listed. Any missing features will be noted and alternate suggestions will be shown.

For the W3C PWA manifest, values can be entered to complete a standardized manifest that can be copied or downloaded for use for a PWA. “Service workers can make your site work offline, run faster, or both,” PWA Builder offers five options for service workers depending on one’s needs, offline page, offline copy of pages, offline copy with backup offline page, cache-first network or advanced caching. Once the type of service worker is selected, code is added using a script tag and an external js script.

Additional options are also available to improve a PWA, including use geolocation, copy to clipboard, create MSFT graph calendar API, create share, and others. More explanatory PWA information can be found here.

When finished click the “build my PWA” button to complete the process.

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