goTenna Connects Through People Power

goTenna Mesh, Image/goTenna

goTenna Mesh, Image/goTenna

With no service required, goTenna Mesh allows you to, with assistance from the goTenna app, to “pair to your phone and create your own signal when off the grid.” With goTenna you can send texts (1:1 or group), GPS locations or public broadcasts to all users in your area. Mesh occurs when an another goTenna user is in your area and “your phone hops to theirs and extends your network even further. You can strategically place goTenna devices in your area to extend your own coverage.”

Transmitted on UHF frequency, goTenna signal extends farther than a walkie-talkie- by more than 40% more range. The goTenna signal extends a maximum of 4 miles in open locations and half a mile in denser, more wooded areas. goTenna can be used in emergency prepareness when reliable communication networks are unavailable and cell service is down due to natural disasters.elwhen reliable iable backup communication network

With a subscription, goTenna Plus uses SMS Network relay: “If a nearby goTenna user has cell service, you can transmit your message through them to anyone with service.” This offer is available for a limited-time introductory price of $9.99/year. with this service you will receive access to topographic maps, SMS network relay, group delivery confirmation, location tethering and trip statistics.

goTenna considers privacy a great concern for users. For instance, messages are privately relayed through the the goTenna network. goTenna does not use a central data-store and your private chats use end-to-end encryption. A delivery confirmation is received for every message sent. 

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