Sense AI Engine, a Hybrid Approach to Personalized Feedback for Education

Sense a Hybrid Approach to Personalized Feedback for Education With Sense AI (artificial intelligence) engine, courses improve, outcomes improve, everyone wins with personally tailored educational feedback.

Sense is literally “a game changer for changing times” enabling instructors, schools, and e-learning companies to give personalized and scalable feedback, an essential learning component- built to “maximize personal attention, even in large classes.”

Sense is a hybrid methodology that permits “computers do what computers do best, and let humans do what humans do best.” Sense’s machine learning technology “discovers the response patterns that naturally occur in students’ answers, and organizes the submissions into groups of similar solution types. Then, the instructor provides feedback to the group of similar solutions instead of each and every individual submission.” Through Sense A.I. technology humans and computers work together in unison.

Specifically, Sense uses AI to identify patterns, review the groups and give feedback. This technology can be used in areas such as universities, colleges, high schools, E-Learning, MOOCs, E-textbooks, professional training, learning bootcamps and even test preps. The Sense team consists of experienced entrepreneurs, data scientists and EdTech business experts.

In summation, Sense provides enhanced instructor evaluation for students by increasing personalized and scalable feedback for the benefit of both. Indeed, Sense making personalized education scalable.

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