Forbes AI, a Collaboration Between Forbes and Intel

Forbes AI, a Collaboration Between Forbes and Intel

Consisting of six digital and print magazines, the year long series will review how artificial intelligence (AI) is changing global business, sparking new industries and reshaping society.

The Forbes Insights and Intel partnership concisely explained Forbes AI: 

“[Forbes AI] taps leading voices, highlights emerging trends and showcases original research to create a 360-degree look at artificial intelligence.”

Forbes content will come from various publication formats including digital, social, video, events and print platforms.

The first issue will feature 19 stories from Yann LeCun, AI pioneer and Facebook executive; Eric Colson, Stitch Fix’s chief algorithms officer; Lili Cheng, vice president of Microsoft’s AI and Research Division; Jake Saper, principal at Emergence Capital; Naveen Rao, Intel vice president and general manager of its Artificial Intelligence Products Group; Rich Karlgaard, Forbes publisher and digital futurist; and others.

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