Determine If Your Page is a Valid AMP Page

Determine If Your Page is a Valid AMP Page

With the increasing usage of AMP pages, Google offers an “Is your AMP page valid?” test. AMP pages are recommended for mobile pages: They load quicker, improve Google page rank and have a better appearance than traditional HTML pages for mobile devices:

“The AMP Project is an open-source initiative aiming to make the web better for all.”

AMP pages are cross-platform and accessible across multiple browsers. AMP pages use three different core components: AMP HTML, HTML extended with custom AMP properties; AMP JS, fast rendering of AMP HTML pages; AMP Cache, proxy-based content delivery network which delivers multiple valid AMP documents.

Besides offering AMP validation, AMP guidelines for Google Search are also provided. An AMP report is available to determine which pages Google can access and crawl and which pages have AMP errors. 

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