Intel to Acquire Mobileye

Intel to Acquire Mobileye

Intel Corporation recently announced Intel and Mobileye have entered into a definitive agreement under which Intel would acquire Mobileye.” This agreement coincides with an earlier statement recognizing that “making autonomous driving a reality for our customers is the shared ambition behind our cooperation with Intel and Mobileye. This partnership has all of the skills and talent necessary to overcome the enormous technological challenges ahead and commercialize self-driving vehicles.”

What exactly does each company contribute to the deal? From Intel, processing power becomes tantamount in the fast decision making of vehicle driving:

Innovative high performance computing elements that span from the vehicle to the data center. The newly launched Intel GO automated driving solutions offer world-class processor and FPGA technologies for the most efficient balance of performance and power, while meeting the stringent thermal and safety requirements of the automotive industry.

Moblieye’s contribution will be it’s “proprietary EyeQ5 high-performance computer vision processor offering automotive-grade functional safety and low-power performance. The EyeQ5 is responsible for processing and interpretation of input from the 360-degree surround view vision sensors as well as localization. EyeQ5, in combination with Intel CPU and FPGA technologies, forms the Central Computing Platform to be integrated into each autonomous vehicle.”

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