The Intel Responsive Retail Platform Improves Your Shopping Experience

The Intel Responsive Retail Platform Improves Your Shopping Experience

Your shopping experience is about to change within the next five years: With the Intel Responsive Retail Platform (Intel RRP) “virtual reality, artificial intelligence and data-centric tools will drive innovation and empower customers.” Using Intel’s Internet of Things (IoT) and cloud technologies to obtain data and interpret the data into useful information that ultimately assists the retailer and customer is the main goal of Intel RRP:

“The retail platform collects multiple data streams to connect digital and physical environments. With the goals of lowering costs and increasing sales, the platform helps optimally place inventory, deploy employees and other resources, and track inventory – through the supply chain to the store door. It provides in-the-moment information about what customers are buying, what they want and how to manage inventory so it arrives just in time for customers to take it home.”

$100 million will be invested in Intel RRP.

Virtual reality also will be part of Intel RRP. Virtual reality will allow customers to have a more tailored shopping experience than ever before, and allow “customers to use virtual reality to shop anywhere in the world without leaving their home.” In this respect, this immersive technology “will help customers and retailers use data and analytics to maximize investment and impact in retail. It could be a game changer.”

Robot and artificial intelligence will become increasingly commonplace in the retail sector on the future where “robots and artificial intelligence free up employees, every aspect of the store and supply chain will allow retail employees to better focus on the customer and improve the store’s performance.”

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Indeed both in-store and virtual shopping experiences will be dramatically transformed by the Intel Responsive Retail Platform (Intel RRP) in the retail industry in the coming years: “By bringing together virtual reality and the power of data, we’ll help create the store of the future – one that is smart, responsive, connected and secure.”