openai chatgpt

OpenAI ChatGPT Working with Organizations to Produce Public and Private Datasets

Today OpenAI ChatGPT announced it will work together with organizations to produce public and private datasets for training artificial intelligence (AI) models for training data that are more conversational in style: We’re particularly looking for data that expresses human intention, across any language, topic and format,” the company said in a blog post. ChatGPT, a…

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amazons new robotic solutions sequoia digit 600

Amazon’s New Robotic Solutions Sequoia and Digit are Geared to Assist Employees and Customers

Digit Robot, Image/Amazon Although Amazon now has over 750,000 robots working in unison with employees and performing highly repetitive tasks, a new Amazon robotic system named Sequoia has been developed to help fulfill customer orders for upcoming holiday shopping. Sequoia reinvents how products are stored, managed and processed at Amazon sites: Sequoia allows us to…

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syte coalition technologies ai strategies

Join Syte and Coalition Technologies Low-Hanging Fruit: AI Strategies for D2C Brands

Syte and Coalition Technologies will be conducting the upcoming exclusive webinar, “Low-Hanging Fruit: AI Strategies for D2C Brands” on October 26 at 11:00 AM EST. The webinar will discuss easy-to-adopt AI solutions for D2C brands before the busy Q4 selling season. The topics include the following: Explore new AI technologies in ecommerce with our exclusive…

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pew ai survey 23

Pew AI Survey Results: 52% of Americans Concerned about AI’s Continuing Influence

More American’s are increasingly concerned about artificial intelligence’s (AI) increasing usage in society according to a new Pew AI Survey. Up from 38% in December 2022, the Pew AI Survey indicated that over half of Americans express concern about AI’s influence: Overall, 52% of Americans say they feel more concerned than excited about the increased…

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Explore Coding with DeepAI AI Code Assistant

Whether you are beginner programmer or an expert honing your coding skills, Deep AI’s Code Assistant makes coding easier. AI Code Assistant has two skill levels, junior engineer and genius mode. AI Code Assistant enables programmers to enter code snippets or an entire program in the following languages: Programming LanguagesJavaPythonCC++NodeJSJavaScriptGroovyJShellHaskellTclLuaAdaCommonLispDElixirErlangF#FortranAssemblyScalaPHPPython2C#PerlRubyGoRRacketOCamlVisual Basic (VB.NET)BashClojureTypeScriptCobolKotlinPascalPrologRustSwiftOctaveTextBrainFKCoffeeScriptEJS Web Languages HTMLMaterializeBootstrapJQueryFoundationBulmaUikitSemantic…

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