Meta Rolls Out New AI Experiences for Apps and Devices

meta ai

Meta recently unveiled at this year’s Connect event new AI experiences and features that can help you create more meaningful connections with others and empower you to be more creative, expressive, and productive overall.

New customizable AI stickers that can be generated for your chats and stories:

Using technology from Llama 2 and our foundational model for image generation called Emu, our AI tool turns your text prompts into multiple unique, high-quality stickers in seconds. This new feature, which is rolling out to select English-language users over the next month in WhatsApp, Messenger, Instagram, and Facebook Stories, provides infinitely more options to convey how you’re feeling at any moment.

Another Meta AI feature is image editing with AI– transform your images or even co-create AI-generated images. Two new features, restyle and backdrop use Emu technology and are coming soon to Instagram. Restyle applies different visual styles you choose to change the look of your images. Backdrop changes the scene or background of your image to reflect the new look and feel of the image you want to create.

Available on WhatsApp, Messenger, Instagram, and coming soon to Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses and Quest 3, Meta AI is a new chat assistant that can interact like another human. Meta AI is powered by a custom model that combines technology from Llama 2 and its large language model (LLM) research. With text-based chats, Meta AI obtains its real-time information through a search partnership with Bing and includes an image generation tool.

Besides answering questions, Meta has been developing AIs with personality, opinions, and interests, and are more interesting to interact with. Along with Meta AI, there are 28 more AIs that you can message on WhatsApp, Messenger, and Instagram. These AIs are a new cast of characters with unique backstories.

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According to Meta, these AI characters feel like you are talking to familiar people. Meta has teamed with cultural icons and influencers to play and embody a number of these AIs. Right now they have profiles on Instagram and Facebook for users to interact with.