Figure 01 is the World’s First Commercially-Viable Autonomous Humanoid Robot

Figure 01 is the World’s First Commercially-Viable Autonomous Humanoid Robot

Figure, the first-of-its-kind AI robotics company, is bringing a general purpose humanoid robot to the workforce. Named Figure 01, the robot is touted as the world’s first commercially-viable autonomous humanoid robot.

Figure’s mission is to “expand human capabilities through advanced AI.” Figure 01 is considered an intersection of AI and Robotics.

According to the company Figure, the humanoid, Figure 01, will be able to perform multiple tasks similar to humans:

“Figure 01 brings together the dexterity of the human form and cutting edge AI to go beyond single-function robots and lend support across manufacturing, logistics, warehousing, and retail.”

Figure 01 is designed to alleviate reoccurring labor shortages and fill positions that are typically deemed ‘unsafe:

“With the first humanoid by our side in the workforce, we’ll have the ability to create and produce so much more, address drastic labor shortages, and reduce the number of workers in unsafe jobs.”

10 million jobs are currently unfilled in the United States with 7 million job openings in warehouses, transportation, and retail positions. Warehouse suppliers will run out of people to hire by 2024.

The company maintains that Figure 01’s introduction is in the best interests of humanity and its future:

“The company will always act in the best interest of humanity, behave ethically, and treat others fairly. We will not support social activism, assume negative intent, treat others unfairly, or take on causes outside of our core mission. We are all here to do one job and that is to bring an impactful, useful product to market.”

The company also asserts that Figure 01 type humanoid robots will help increase production dramatically:

“Figure 01 is AI-powered and self-reliant, ready to produce an abundance of affordable, more widely available goods and services to a degree which humanity has never seen.”

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