‘Earth from Orbit’ Showcases Weekly NOAA Satellite Observations

'Earth from Orbit' Showcases Weekly NOAA Satellite Observations

COSMIC-2 satellite, Image/NOAA

A collaboration between NOAA and NASA, ‘Earth from Orbit’ is a series of short videos and a short article with additional information that showcase a compelling weather event, environmental hazard, or interesting meteorological phenomenon each week, as seen by NOAA satellites.

One example video details a series of nine “atmospheric rivers” from late Dec. 2022 into Jan. 2023, which

“dumped a record amount of rain and mountain snow across the western U.S. and Canada, hitting California particularly hard. More than 32 trillion gallons of water rained down across the state alone, and the moisture also pushed into much of the Intermountain West.”

[youtube v=”9Lz6HK5j0Ko”]

The series examines the science behind the highlighted topic and imagery. The series videos can also be found on the NOAA satellites YouTube channel.

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