Samsung SDC22 Presents Evolution of SmartThings and New Device Experiences

Samsung SDC22 Presents Evolution of SmartThings and New Device Experiences

Samsung SDC22, Image/Samsung Electronics

Samsung Electronics convened its annual Samsung Developer Conference (SDC) in San Francisco recently. Geared for developers, creators and designers, the event explored Samsung’s seamless, connected experiences and product innovations.

Samsung’s focus on seamless connectivity is inspired by the philosophy of Calm Technology, devices work together and consumers can save time on setup:

“Samsung reimagined SmartThings and its connected services and partnerships, including Samsung’s Hub Everywhere, extending its capabilities to the entire smart home with audio and visual data as well as SmartThings Energy, SmartThings Pet and SmartThings Cooking. Samsung also partnered with Philips Hue to integrate Philips Hue Sync right into Galaxy devices so smart home lighting can match with music.”

SmartThings’ Matter integration and Samsung’s membership in the Home Connectivity Alliance was another topic of SDC22. The Google and Samsung collaboration will bring more devices and users into the future connected home.

Bixby is closely associated with SmartThings:

“Bixby has evolved to become the on-device AI solution able to control individual Galaxy devices, as well as the cross-device experience throughout the Samsung ecosystem.”

Samsung Knox Matrix is a new security paradigm enabling multi device protection:

“Samsung Knox Matrix is a private blockchain based platform that turns eligible Samsung devices into a shield to protect users’ entire device ecosystem — from Galaxy devices to TVs and home appliances.”

The new One UI 5, features devices look and feel customization and enhancing productivity across devices and platforms:

“One UI 5 brings more personalized experiences with custom-built Modes and Routines, and a Dynamic Lock screen that displays multiple visuals on your phone, your Galaxy Watch and other One UI 5 devices. With the new Bixby Text Call feature, Bixby Voice will answer calls on your behalf and share typed messages with the caller, speaking aloud as if you had answered.”

Daily health solutions to help track health and wellness have expanded with the Samsung Privileged Health SDK, enabling developers to build apps using the BioActive Sensor on the Galaxy Watch.

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Samsung TV Plus continues to expand by partnering with Lionsgate and Vice Media, providing 8K video on demand. Samsung TV Plus is increasing content by including more than 1,600 channels across 24 countries.

The decade old Samsung’s Tizen operating system (OS) has expanded technologically as well. The Samsung Gaming Hub provides better, faster and convenient access to gaming for Samsung Smart TVs. NFTs support with partners Art Token, laCollection and Nifty Gateway, B2B APIs specific to industries and use cases like Syncplay and SALT, “a new content conversion solution to display the highest-quality HDR10+ content on supported TVs.”