Intel at CES 2022 Demo: 12th Gen Mobile Processors Assist Creators

Intel at CES 2022: 12th Gen Mobile Processors, Image/Intel

Intel at CES 2022: 12th Gen Mobile Processors, Image/Intel

At this year’s CES event, Intel announced its 12th Gen Mobile Processors, the world’s fastest mobile processor. The 28 new 12th Gen Intel Core mobile processors feature a rich suite of capabilities to create laptops for people to compute whenever and wherever they need – without compromise.

“During CES 2022, Intel showcased its new 12th Gen Intel Core H-series mobile processors for creators. A demo shows how the processors allow creators to unleash their potential, in this case to create more lifelike animations in real time. At the event, Intel unveiled the 12th Gen Intel Core mobile processor family led by the launch of eight new H-series mobile processors, based on Intel’s performance hybrid architecture. The eight new mobile processors were introduced Jan. 4, 2022.”

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