Meet Ameca the Expressive Robot

Ameca the Robot, Screen Capture/YouTube/Engineered Arts

Ameca the Robot, Screen Capture/YouTube/Engineered Arts

Described as “The Future Face Of Robotics,” Ameca is an Engineered Arts robot, which facial features mimic humans to a great extent, which is not always found in your typical robot:

“Ameca is the world’s most advanced human shaped robot representing the forefront of human-robotics technology. Designed specifically as a platform for development into future robotics technologies, Ameca is the perfect humanoid robot platform for human-robot interaction.”

Ameca also incorporates a human-like artificial body and human-like artificial intelligence (AI x AB):

“Artificial intelligence and machine learning systems can be tested and developed on Ameca alongside our powerful Tritium robot operating system. The Ameca hardware is a development based on our own research into humanoid robotics and built on our advanced Mesmer technology.”

Ameca Gestures from Engineered Arts on Vimeo.

Other mesmerizing aspects of Ameca include the following:

Modular by design

Both hardware and software is modular, making it easily upgradable.

Cloud Accessibilty

Gain access to all the robots data, control it as your personal avatar, animate and simulate, all available from anywhere in the world.

Natural Motion

Smooth, lifelike motion and advanced facial expression capabilities means Ameca can strike an instant rapport with anybody.

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