Bluetti AC300 a Powerful and Customizable Off-Grid Power System, Screen capture/YouTube

Bluetti AC300 a Powerful and Customizable Off-Grid Power System, Screen Capture/YouTube

In the last six years, blackouts due to extreme weather more than doubled, according to a new study. With this in mind, an off-grid generator is more than a good idea. Although there are other less expensive generators out there, an off-grid power system such as the Bluetti AC300 is a worthy investment and can power your home, camping adventures and RV quests.

The best part about the Bluetti AC300 power system is that you can connect up to four B300 expansion batteries for a phenomenal 12,288Wh total capacity through modular design. If this is still not enough power you can connect to Fusion Box Pro with 8 B300s (each 3000W output power) to a maximum system capacity of 24,576Wh.

The Bluetti AC300 power system can fully charge in 1.6 hours. Possible charging power sources include generator, 12V/24V lead-acid battery, wall charging, solar charging, 12V/24V car charging, wind turbines, EV charging station and solar roof arrays.

The MSRP for the Bluetti AC300 power system is currently $3699 and includes one B300 expansion battery. A debut offer is available with price reduction of $2899. The unit will available for purchase in September 2021.

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