A-Z Learning About AI

A-Z Learning About AI

Yearning to understand more about the world of AI‘Making Sense of Artificial Intelligence’ is basically an nifty introduction to AI:

“This A-Z guide offers a series of simple, bite-sized explainers to help anyone understand what AI is, how it works and how it’s changing the world around us.”

Brought to you by the Oxford Internet Institute (OII) and Google’s People + AI Research team (PAIR), ‘Making Sense of Artificial Intelligence’ elucidates AI from A-Z. The guide examines AI Fundamentals, Making AI, Society & AI and Using AI. ‘The A-Z of AI’ is designed as a beginner’s guide, designed to help anyone learn about a complex topic.

The A-Z section of the guide corresponds with topics for each letter of the alphabet. The selected range of topics are central to understanding AI and its role in the world today: “The 26 topics chosen are by no means an exhaustive list, but they are a great place for first-timers to start. The team carefully balanced their selections across a spectrum of technical understanding, production techniques, use cases, societal implications and ethical considerations.”

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