LG WING 5G Transforms the Smartphone

LG WING 5G, Image/LG

LG WING 5G, Image/LG

The LG WING 5G smartphone’s most outstanding feature is its innovative multi-screen form factor, a basic mode and a swivel mode:

“Swivel the main display 90° to reveal a second screen. Rotate it back for a slim, streamlined device.”

Deemed a “multi-tasker’s dream,” the LG WING 5G features an integrated multi-screen design with a cinematic 6.8″ edge-to-edge main display and a 3.9″ secondary screen.

The multi screens are unobstrusive and are “surprisingly slim and provide virtually unlimited use possibilities. Only expose the secondary screen in Swivel Mode when you need it.” Another perspective is the LG WING 5G is like having two phones in one- or at least two screens in one.

The triple rear cameras are built for the photographer with a 64 MP standard camera for incredible detail and a 13 MP ultra-wide camera with a whopping FOV of 117°. A 32 MP pop-up front camera is a natural for “gorgeous selfies.” The Gimbal Mode enables capturing unbelievably smooth video.

The LG WING 5G is built for storytelling, with the ability to capture simultaneously with front and rear cameras for two perspectives:

“Save as two separate files, record as side-by-side, or try picture-in-picture mode without extra editing. Get the action and the reaction for the full story—all in one.”

Equipped with 5G technology, the LG WING 5G permits lag-free streaming and glitch-free surfing and is “lightning-fast.”

A long-lasting battery, in fact a 4,000mAh Battery, ensures all-day battery life to “watch videos, chat with friends, or connect on-the-fly without stopping to recharge.”

Today’s smartphones are increasingly resembling desktops and laptops in many aspects. The LG WING 5G storage is on par with this, considering it has 256 GB ROM (Usable up to 224 GB4) and 8 GB RAM. The substantial amount of RAM allows you to switch between apps quickly and smoothly. The potential storage is expandable with microSD storage up to 2 TB.

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LG Pay app is available for the LG WING 5G:

“Leave your plastic cards at home and pay quickly with your phone virtually everywhere in stores, at both the NFC and magstripe payment terminals. LG Pay is a digital wallet that lets you put your credit/debit, gift and loyalty cards in one simple-to-use app.”

The LG WING is available now through these mobile carriers.