The Weather Company Unites with Samsung Weather App for the Galaxy Note10

The Samsung Weather app, which comes with the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 smartphone, now includes expert weather information from the Weather Company, an IBM Business. Not only will the app provide government-issued weather alerts originating from the smartphone’s widget included in the home screen, Samsung Weather

“also allows users to connect to The Weather Channel mobile web site,, for additional access to real-time radar maps, giving users hours of seamless, high-resolution and past-to-future radar data, with hyperlocal current weather conditions right at their fingertips.”

The partnership between Samsung and the Weather Company enhances the availability of the most common activities on mobile devices- accessing the current weather situation:

“Having timely, accurate weather data can be one of the most crucial decision-making tools for consumers and businesses.”

Since “weather impacts every person on the planet,” individuals using the Samsung Weather app will experience future benefits:

“Our longstanding partnership with Samsung allows us to keep hundreds of millions of people informed – whether that’s an individual in the path of a storm or a family simply planning their day.”

This relationship between the two companies has existed from the launch of the Galaxy S8.

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