IBM Watson Now Available Across Any Cloud for Anywhere Business Integration

by Tech Mainstream Staff

February 15, 2019

IBM Watson Now Available Across Any Cloud for Anywhere Business Integration

IBM Think -- IBM (NYSE: IBM) recently announced its intentions to accelerate Watson from AI experimentation to wide-scale deployment and industry transformation. Watson will be available on cloud and empowered businesses and therefore eliminate lock-in of their data, which has limited businesses AI experimentation in the past.

IBM's AI Watson helps businesses improve productivity and profits by putting AI to work: "With a clear set of applications, development tools, machine learning models, and management services, Watson is helping organizations around the world mine their data, predict outcomes, and automate time- and resource-sensitive processes." Although some studies (MIT Sloan report, Gartner study) have indicated otherwise, many organizations, about 83% (MIT Sloan report), believe that AI for business applications is still vital and achievable.

IBM Watson provides the ability to build, deploy and run AI models and applications for businesses and organizations in a quicker manner. Watson Assistant and Watson OpenScale services can now be accessed and run on any cloud or environment incorporating IBM Cloud Private for Data (ICP for Data). ICP for Data's success is its openness aspect. ICP for Data integrates "with advanced data science, data engineering and application-building capabilities." In a recent study, 85% of Watson users have selected open source languages and frameworks, Python, R, and TensorFlow for their AI needs.

Another aspect of Watson AI services, automated AI software, improves efficiencies and performance for businesses: "[The software is] designed to enable clients to discover patterns in their business processes and then create AI-embedded programs to automate certain workflows."



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