BreezoMeter Reduces Exposure to Environmental Hazards

by Tech Mainstream Team

January 23, 2021

BreezoMeter Reduces Exposure to Environmental Hazards

 BreezoMeter API Image/Pixabay

(Tech MainstreamBreezoMeter API offers health-focused environmental intelligence which guarantees reliability, coverage and support for organizations:

"Our location-based Air Pollution, Pollen & Active Fires information enables businesses to develop solutions that help reduce exposure to environmental hazards."  

BreezoMeter API products include an Air Pollution API, "The Most Accurate Air Quality API in the World"; Pollen API, "The World’s 1st Global Pollen API"; and Fires API, "The Fires API that Saves Lives".

BreezoMeter API provides accurate offerings including live accuracy monitoring, external validation of technology and hourly-refresh. Global and granular coverage advantages include coverage in 100+ countries, granular resolution - (5 Meters/16.5 feet), 34 Different Pollutants, 13 Pollen-Producing Plants, Air Pollution Forecast (Up to 96 hrs) and Pollen Forecast (Up to 3 Days). Personalized experiences are available through health recommendations by sensitive groups, intuitive & explorable heatmaps and location-based fire alerts.

To maximize app project success and implementation, BreezoMeter leverages scientific, data and product experience in the form of atmospheric scientists, researchers, technology experts & UX designers, a consumer base of 80,000 users and implemention by leading brands.

Examples of BreezoMeter's applications include the areas of digital health- treatment adherence, clinical research, patient engagement, health apps, remote monitoring and disease management; indoor app possibilities include smart home, connected HVAC and air purification, intelligent air control and system efficiency; automotive applications include the cleanist route, in-cabin contamination defense, driver companion apps and real-time alerts; media and advertising app opportunities include precision targeting, dynamic bidding, personalized messaging, dwell time and geo-targeting.

 web app air quality today  

Web app, Air Quality Today/BreezoMeter

The BreezoMeter Air Quality Index, Pollen & Fires app is available as an Android and iOS app. The BreezoMeter app uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to provide the most accurate real-time, street-level air quality & pollen data. A web app, Air Quality Today, a global air quality map which provides accurate real-time & street-level air quality information in 93 countries is also available. Enter a zip code and view the air quality conditions for the given zip code.

To view some of BreezoMeter clients visit the use cases and testimonials webpage to learn more.


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