Microsoft Surface September 22 Event Introduces New Gamut of Surface Devices

by Tech Mainstream

September 22, 2021

Microsoft Surface September 22 Event Introduces New Gamut of Surface Devices

Microsoft Surface September 22 Event, Image/Microsoft

Today Microsoft revealed "the most diverse selection of Surface devices yet, built for all the ways you create, work, play, and connect." The new Surface products are designed for Windows 11.

The devices showcased include a powerhouse laptop with the new Surface Laptop Studio, a redesigned Surface Pro 8, new Surface Go 3 and updates to Surface Pro X, dual-screen mobile productivity with Surface Duo 2, Surface Slim Pen 2 with haptic feedback and a set of new accessories that represent an expanded view of product-making and address issues of sustainability and inclusivity

The full range of new and improved devices are described below:

Microsoft Surface Pro 8, Image/Microsoft

1. Surface Pro 8

This update to the iconic 2-in-1 represents the most significant leap forward since Pro 3. Surface Pro 8 is more than twice as fast as Pro 7, with 11th Gen Intel® Core™ processors, two Thunderbolt 4 ports and built on the Intel® Evo™ platform. All of these performance gains, Windows 11 and up to 16 hours of battery life make Surface Pro 8 the most powerful 2-in-1 on the market.

Surface Pro 8 starts at $1099.99 and is available for pre-order in select markets today.

Microsoft Surface Pro X, Image/Microsoft

2. Surface Pro X

The thin, light, and LTE-connected Surface Pro X, runs on Microsoft SQ2 ARM silicon. This product merged the versatility features of Surface Pro with new levels of power efficiency and connectivity. With Windows 11 and 64-bit emulation built in, more applications than ever before are at your fingertips.

Surface Pro X starts at $899.99 and is available for pre-order today in select markets. 

Microsoft Surface Laptop Studio, Image/Microsoft

3. Surface Laptop Studio

Designed in concert with Windows 11, Surface Laptop Studio is the most powerful Surface built ever. The culmination of years of Surface innovation– hinges, display, silicon and more, Surface Laptop Studio brings the best of the Surface heritage together in one powerhouse device.

Built as the ideal product for developers, creative pros, designers and gamers, bringing you the power of a desktop, the portability of a laptop and a creative studio all in one.

Surface Laptop Studio starts at $1599.99 and is available for pre-order today in select markets.

Microsoft Surface Go 3, Image/Microsoft

4. Surface Go 3

The most portable Surface 2-in-1 is perfect for your everyday tasks, homework and play. Designed to light up the best of Windows 11, Surface Go 3 is 60% faster with an Intel Core i3 processor. This product brings optional LTE Advanced, all-day battery2, built-in Microsoft security, and is optimized for tablet-to-laptop versatility with digital Pen and touch.

Surface Go 3 with WiFi starts at $399.99 and is available for pre-order today in select markets. LTE models will be available in the coming months.

Microsoft Surface Duo 2, Image/Microsoft

5. Surface Duo 2

Designed to showcase the power of Microsoft 365 in your pocket, Surface Duo brings dual-screen productivity and entertainment with you wherever you go. When Surface Duo launched last year, we pushed the boundaries of what a mobile device could be.

Available in Glacier or a new Obsidian, Surface Duo 2 starts at $1499.99 and is available for pre-order today in select markets.

Microsoft Surface Slim Pen 2, Image/Microsoft

6. Surface Slim Pen 2

Providing a simple and delightful Pen experience is one way we enable the technology to fade into the background. The intuitive ability to put Pen to screen immerses you in your productive and creative endeavors, boosts retention and offers new levels of versatility.

Surface Slim Pen 2 is available for $129.99 and ready to pre-order today in select markets.

Microsoft Surface Ocean Plastic Mouse, Image/Microsoft

7. Microsoft Ocean Plastic Mouse

Made of 20% recycled ocean plastic recovered or washed ashore from oceans and waterways, the Ocean Plastic Mouse, made from this resin, is an eco-friendly, comfortable accessory that takes small steps to reduce waste while putting a powerful accessory at your fingertips.

Microsoft Ocean Plastic Mouse is available for pre-order in select markets today for $24.99.

Microsoft Surface Adaptive Kit, Image/Microsoft

8. Surface Adaptive Kit

Created from the Inclusive Tech Lab, the Surface Adaptive Kit is the result of designing in partnership with people with disabilities. This kit is designed to make devices more accessible without compromising on form or function. Keycap labels, bump labels, port indicators and even device openers make finding, opening and using devices easier than ever.