Announcing Fleet by JetBrains

by Tech Mainstream

December 1, 2021

Announcing Fleet by JetBrains

"JetBrains, when will you create a lightweight editor?” This question has officially been answered by the introduction of lightweight editor, fleet. Besides being a a full-fledged editor that provides syntax highlighting, simple code completion, Fleet is more complex: "Fleet is also a fully functional IDE bringing smart completion, refactorings, navigation, debugging, and everything else that you’re used to having in an IDE – all with a single button click."

Distinctive Fleet features include:

Fleet is polyglot- "You no longer have to open different IDEs to get the functionality you need for your specific technology. With Fleet it is all there in a single application."

Fleet by JetBrains, Image/JetBrains


Fleet is distributed- "Fleet’s architecture is distributed, separated into frontend, backend, workspace server, and file system watcher. This permits Fleet itself to be run in a distributed way, allowing for scenarios where analysis and other operations can be run on a remote machine for instance."

Fleet is in Space- "JetBrains Space adds orchestration support, making it easy to start a remote server instance from a source repository, which can be customized using a Dockerfile."

Fleet is collaborative- "Fleet is built with collaboration in mind. It allows you to easily collaborate on a project regardless of whether it is local or remote."

Sound good? Although access is currently limited by a quota, if you would like to gain access to early releases of Fleet and help provide user feedback, you can fill out an application form to join the Fleet Explorer program.