Intel's New PCIe-based QLC Intel SSD D5-P4326 Space-Saving Solid State Drive

by Tech Mainstream

August 16, 2018

Intel's New PCIe-based QLC Intel® SSD D5-P4326 Solid State Drive

Intel SSD D5-P4326,  Image/Walden Kirsch/Intel Corporation

"About the size of an old-fashioned 12-inch ruler", Intel's new PCIe-based QLC Intel SSD D5-P4326 can store 32 terabytes. The Intel SSD D5-P4326 is Intel's compact drive ever and incorporates Intel 3D NAND technology:

"Which stacks memory cells atop each other in multiple extremely thin layers, instead of just one. Memory cells in the D5-P4326 are stacked 64 layers deep."

Containing no-moving-parts, the ruler-shaped SSDs requires half the airflow to keep cool (and therefore requires less fans and expensive cooling systems), one-tenth the power (when it is lined up 32 side-by-side) and requires just one-twentieth the available space.